20+ New Year's Resolution Ideas

20+ New Year's Resolution Ideas

Article shown in stayathomemum.com.au and written by Jody Allen

Even if we don’t openly admit it, somewhere deep down we all make New Year’s Resolutions.

The first promise you can make to yourself is to set yourself some goals and really STICK to them and see them through.

Here’s a few suggestions to help get you started!

1. Give up smoking
2. Spend more time together as a family
3. Enjoy life more and smile more – be positive!
4. Become fitter both physically and mentally
5. Lose weight
6. Lower alcohol intake
7. Read more books
8. Watch less TV
9. Get more sleep
10. Have at least 20 minutes of “Me” time a day
11. Relax
12. Start a new hobby
13. Meet new people
14. Learn something new
15. Have one date night a month with your partner
16. Help others – maybe do some volunteer or charity work
17. Start a course
18. Eat healthier foods – eat less takeaway
19. Be less stressed – join a meditation or yoga class

And for the budget conscious:

20. Have a no spend day a week
21. Drive the car less
22. Have a craft day every school holidays
23. Go on a family picnic once a month instead of paying for activities
24. Save for a family holiday this year
25. Stick to your budget
26. Get more organised
27. Have a no packaging day each week, make things from scratch
28. Save more money – stop impulse buying!
29. Pay your whole credit card off every month or get rid of it all together!


Tricks to help you keep those resolutions:

Start by making your resolutions, then tell people what they are. You will be less inclined to fail if you know people are expecting it. Also don’t make too many – if you have too big a list, you will be less likely to follow through with your goals. Then write or print out your list and put it somewhere you know you will see it every day – the fridge, car, diary or in your purse – this way you will be sure to see it and not forget it.
If you get to the end of another year and see you have slacked off and not quite made it to your goals then that makes next year’s resolution an easy pick, to do better than this year!
Self-improvement is a fantastic aim, whether it is for you personally, the family or to simply get ahead. Choose your resolution and do your best.