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Swim Rashies

Perfect complimentary outfit for your swim nappy and hat!

  • Swim Rashie
  • Light weight for comfort
  • Front half zipper for ease of use
  • Long sleeved rash vest for extra protection
  • Designed for use in swimming pools and beaches
  • Available in a range of prints or Deep Sea (navy blue)
  • Match or compliment your favourite Swim nappy and/or Swim hat


  • PLEASE NOTE - as with anything size related - chubbiness, head size and height are key factors in getting the perfect fit.
  • The sizing on these is generous, so we suggest NOT going up a size, if you are tempted to. The choice is yours though of course! :D 

Please note - a spare matching swim nappy is a good idea, just in case ;) 

      Swim Nappy, Rashie and Hat

      • After use, rinse thoroughly in cold water, gently, yet firmly squeeze dry
      • hang to dry in the shade for the sake of longevity of the product, sunshine is never a bad thing, only it will decrease the lifespan of the elastane in the fabrics
      • To speed up drying time or before placing in your wet bag, lay flat on a towel, roll up the towel and twist or stand on the towel, this will remove a lot of the water from the rashie, hat and swim nappy in particular

      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. customerservice@bambooty.com.au or service@bambootyrealnappies.co.uk

      Please note - our cleaning/care instructions take into consideration balancing,

      1. Cleaning the Rashie
      2. Keeping unnecessary chemicals away from the baby’s skin where they could be absorbed by the baby
      3. The impact the cleaning and any detergents or chemicals have on our environment, including having them in your home
      4. Meeting or exceeding Standards Australia's care instruction requirements

      At Bambooty we always strive to provide you with the best products, information and advice or help we possibly can. We are currently working with our very own Dr. Rebecca Gehling (Qualifications: BForensicSci (Hons) PhD (Deakin University) currently working as an Environmental and Analytical Chemist) to further investigate our cleaning instructions to ensure they remain the best we can provide you.

      As with all our washing needs (t-shirts, jeans, towels etc) individual washing routines will vary from 1 household/baby to another. Variations to consider are – concentrations level of urine and faeces, how long the nappies are left for before being washed, whether they are rinsed first, the type of water, the sensitivity of the baby's skin, whether to put stain removal above chemical free cleaning, or how much sunlight/UV rays are available when drying.

      Australia only - We have always recommended using Eco Store as our suggested washing powder when asked. We feel Eco Store aligns to our goals, of cleaning, whilst remaining healthy on the baby's skin and the environment and have been happily using their products for many years now on both MCNs and all our washing. We have eczema in the family and have found Eco store to be gentle on all skin types. It was recommended to us by Eco Store to use half strength detergent for especially sensitive skin, please adjust your dosage based on your own trial and errors.

      For more information on washing powder quantities look here*

      *Please note, this post is not designed to advise anyone on what to do or not to do. 

      If you aren't happy with the washing results you are getting, then alter things. Some suggestions include, a longer wash, a soak in the wash cycle, adding some more detergent, trying a different detergent, rinsing asap after changing if you weren't already.